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Ondrej Miháľ

was born in Silbaš, former Yugoslavia, in Vojvodina – today’s Serbia on January 16 1956. He emigrated with his mother and sister at age elven via United States to Canada on August 5, 1967 where his father had emigrated a year earlier. His University educated was varied, studying Computer Science, Marketing, Management as well as Photography eventually graduating with a degree in Business management. To date in his life he has been a programmer, business manager, writer, journalist, historian, presbytery, photographer, translator and ethnographer.

In 1995, he was one of the founders of the Slovak Canadian Institute and became its President. He compiled and published many bilingual (English - Slovak)books, including “Slovaks in Canada Through Their own Eyes”, “Vojvodina Slovaks in Canada”, “Slovak Folklore in Canada”, “Religious Life of Slovaks in Canada” and “Silbaš Village of Dreams - We are Going Home Next Year”.

Ondrej Mihal - Book back cover 2024_DSC4898.jpg

He has written many articles for Slovak newspapers and magazines and translated selected Slovak short stories of  Gustáv Maršal Petrovský in a book called “From Under the American Snowdrifts” bringing contemporaneous views of the immigrant experiences of Slovaks in the early 1900s to a new generation who can now read them in English. Three books were devoted to his Silbaš Slovak roots- “Songs That my Mother Sang” is a collection of folk songs from Vojvodina sung in the first half of the 20th century, “Traditions That Shape us” and the second volume of “The Fading Beauty of Slovak Architecture in Vojvodina II.“

His latest book “The Legacy Keepers“ focuses on Slovaks in Canada who have done an amazing job in the development and preservation of the Slovak community and culture in their adopted country over the past 140 years. Many were not widely known but their inclusion in this book will help to correct that oversight and shine a light on these personalities and their work. Ondrej Miháľ continues to live and work in Toronto, Canada.

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